Call for manuscripts: “Urban Forests as Gateways for Invasive Insects”, Research Topic in journal Frontiers in Insect Science

Frontiers in Insect Science is a new journal in the Frontiers family. It has 6 specialty sections, including a section devoted to Invasive Insect Species. Frontiers journals use Research Topics as a way to unify researchers and present the latest key findings and advances in a hot research area. The inaugural Research Topic for the Invasive Insect Species section is “Urban Forests as Gateways for Invasive Insects”.

IPRRG members Frank Koch and Rob Venette are the Topic Editors. A full description of the scope of the Research Topic is available on the Topic’s main page. Here’s an excerpt:

For this Research Topic, we seek original reviews and research articles that will advance our understanding of the role of urban trees and forests in arthropod pest invasion. “Urban” refers to cities and town and includes peri-urban areas adjacent to human population centers. We also welcome articles that address arthropod vectors of tree pathogens in urban areas. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Approaches to estimate arrival rates of invasive species in urban environments
  • Detection methods for invasive arthropods in urban environments
  • Roles of urban environments in pest establishment
  • Spread dynamics of invasive arthropods or the pathogens they vector in urban areas and adjacent lands
  • Physical, chemical, or biological approaches to arthropod management in urban trees and forests
  • Retrospective and/or prospective impact assessments of invasive arthropods in urban environments
  • Optimization of management activities across metropolitan areas.

Abstracts are due 19 April 2021 and manuscripts are due 31 August 2021. Both can be submitted via the Topic’s main page, where you’ll also find author guidelines. Like other Frontiers journals, Frontiers in Insect Science is fully open access, but because it’s new the Article Processing Charges have been discounted for the first year (US$1150 for original research and review articles).

Please share this call widely!