Panel on Challenges in Pest Risk Assessment at Scientific Session, February 2020, Poznań

Please see the announcement below about a Panel on Challenges in Pest Risk Assessment, which will take place at the 60th Anniversary Scientific Session of the Institute of Plant Protection-National Research Institute in February 2020 in Poznań, Poland. The Panel is being organized in cooperation with IPRRG.

The announcement includes a link to register for the Scientific Session.

Thanks to IPRRG member Tomasz Kałuski for forwarding!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to invite you to the 60th Anniversary SCIENTIFIC SESSION of the Institute of Plant Protection ‒ NRI, which shall take place from 11 to 13 February 2020 in Poznań. The grand opening of the Session shall take place on 12 February 2020 at 10 am in Hotel Novotel Poznań Centrum.

The leading topic of the conference shall be “THE INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF PLANT HEALTH” (IYPH 2020), chosen by the United Nations General Assembly, with the motto “Protecting plants, protecting life”. The main motto of the resolution is prevention against spreading of pests which cause economic loss and devastation in the natural environment, thus endangering the nutrition safety of nations.

The day before the grand opening, forum “SCIENCE – AGRICULTURAL SCHOOLS” shall take place in the IOR Hotel and Congress Centre, which shall constitute the final of a competition “Integrated protection of plants – a vision of the young generation” organised by IPP – NRI for agricultural schools. The following shall take place on the same day: a discussion panel “SCIENCE ‒ ADVISORY ‒ PRACTICE” devoted to problems of transferring the results of scientific research into agricultural practice and “YOUNG SCIENTISTS’ FORUM”, where students (including Ph.D. students) and young scientists shall have the possibility to present the results of their research. The best presentations shall receive awards.

The next two days of the Session shall take place in Hotel Novotel Poznań Centrum, where the employees of scientific institutes, universities, Polish Academy of Sciences, Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection, agricultural advisory centres and phytopharmaceutical companies working to the benefit of science and agriculture shall give lectures and present posters. The authors of the most interesting presentations shall have the possibility to publish their scientific work in the publications Journal of Plant Protection Research or Progress in Plant Protection.

On 13 February, a Panel on Challenges in Pest Risk Assessment will be organized in cooperation with the International Pest Risk Research Group (IPRRG).

The 60th IPP – NRI Scientific Session shall give the opportunity to get to know the newest scientific achievements in the area of plant health and of the current problems of agricultural producers. Certainly, it shall also be an occasion to meet people, discuss phenomena and establish contacts within the circle of specialists which in the future may turn out fruitful in terms of cooperation and taking up next scientific challenges.

For more details and to register please visit:

On behalf of the Scientific and Organizing Committee
Director of the Institute of Plant Protection – NRI
Prof. dr hab. Marek Mrówczyński