Register for the June CEBRAnar, “Streamlining the risk assessment process”, Tim van Gelder & Ariel Kruger, 30 June

The Research & Innovation Team is excited to bring you our next research webinar showcasing leading researchers from the Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis (CEBRA) at the University of Melbourne. CEBRA supports both the department and the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries’ (NZ MPI) vital biosecurity activities by providing evidence-based tools, analyses and advice to improve Australia and New Zealand’s biosecurity systems. This month we present:

June CEBRAnar with Dr Tim van Gelder and Dr Ariel Kruger

Please register for this event which will start at 11am (Canberra time) on Thursday, 30 June 2022 via Microsoft Teams (details available on Eventbrite).

Import Risk Analysis (IRA) can be a large, complex and scientifically rigorous process requiring substantial resources to ensure the risk posed by a set of pests and diseases associated with an import commodity are identified and assessed. As global trade increases, so do new requests to import goods into New Zealand. The ever-increasing number of requests for IRAs paired with the time needed to complete them before goods can be imported typically results in a backlog, placing more pressure on already strained resources.

In response, Dr Tim van Gelder (Director, Hunt Laboratory for Intelligence Research, University of Melbourne), Dr Ariel Kruger (Research Fellow, Hunt Laboratory for Intelligence Research, University of Melbourne) and NZ MPI have undertaken a project titled: Streamlining the risk assessment process.

This project seeks to map out the range of opportunities for improving IRA production efficiency as well as pilot testing selected opportunities for efficiency gain for NZ MPI.

Join us to hear Tim and Ariel talk about the short and long-term opportunities identified to deal with New Zealand’s increasing IRA demand.

The ministry’s project research team of Sarah Sapsford, Michal Kuchar, Andreas Makiola and Michael Ormsby will join us from New Zealand for the Q&A session after the presentation.

Please note that this forum will be recorded. A link to the recording will be sent to registered attendees. For all enquiries, please contact the Research & Innovation Section.

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