Register for the March CEBRAnar: “Value and value added – modelling and maximising the impact of our biosecurity system”, Dr Aaron Dodd, 31 Mar

The Research & Innovation Team is excited to bring you our next research webinar showcasing leading researchers from the Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis (CEBRA) at the University of Melbourne. CEBRA supports the department’s vital biosecurity activities by providing evidence-based tools, analyses and advice to improve Australia’s biosecurity system. This month we present:

Value and value added – modelling and maximising the impact of our biosecurity system, Dr Aaron Dodd from CEBRA

Please register for this event, which will start at 11am (Canberra time) on Thursday 31 March 2022 via Microsoft Teams (details available on Eventbrite).

It is well understood that Australia operates one of the most comprehensive biosecurity systems in the world, but for what benefit? Without a clear understanding of the specific monetary benefits obtained from the existing investment in biosecurity activities it is impossible to determine the extent to which the system is achieving its desired objectives (i.e., its ‘health’) and also whether there is scope to increase either the value or health of the system by altering the allocation of resources.

In response, Dr Aaron Dodd (Chief Investigator with CEBRA) and the department are undertaking a project titled: Value Added – modelling the marginal return on investment within and across pathways.

This project seeks to build on the earlier CEBRA Value project to develop a transparent and repeatable approach for comparing the relative costs and benefits of different levels of intervention within and across two pilot pathways as a proof of concept. Fully implemented, this project and its outputs have the potential to transform the department’s approach to allocating resources to different risk controls significantly improving both its efficiency and its effectiveness.

Join us to hear Aaron talk about both the Value and Value Added projects and the approaches that the CEBRA team have developed to help the department tackle this fundamental question.

The department’s research lead for this work, Blaine Wentworth, Director, Biosecurity System Modelling, Risk, Intelligence and Strategy Branch will join us for the Q&A session after the presentation.

Please note that this forum will be recorded. A link to the recording will be sent to registered attendees. For all enquiries, please contact the Research & Innovation Section.

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