Seeking nominees for IPRRG Executive Committee offices for the 2019-2021 term

Please consider nominating an IPRRG member (or yourself) to serve on the Executive Committee for two years from September 2019. There are four standard positions plus a student representative. The IPRRG Executive Committee is a parliamentary system, whereby the four elected standard members decide amongst themselves which roles they will fill within the committee (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary-Treasurer and Communications). The Student Representative is elected separately on the same ballot.

The procedure for nominating an IPRRG member for the election is simple; members log in to the website and complete an online form ( The form can also be accessed via a drop-down from the “Members” tab on the website’s main menu bar (only visible to logged-in members).

Candidates have the option of contributing a short statement for posting on the IPRRG website, describing why they deserve to be elected. The nomination form includes a field for capturing these statements. Each nominee can only be nominated for either a standard or student representative position.

Once the list of candidates is known, an Election Officer will be appointed from the pool of members who are not contesting a seat. Following the opening of the ballot, members will be able to log in to the voting system and register their vote, ranking the candidates by preference. When the voting period has finished — it closes near the end of the IPRRG Meeting in Poznań — the election results will be retrieved from the voting system by the Election Officer and reported to meeting attendees as well as the broader IPRRG membership.

Key Dates

26 July 2019 – nomination period closes
5 August 2019 – candidate lists are finalized
15 August 2019 – online balloting opens
6 Sept 2019 – election results are reported

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