Survey: Attending the International Plant Health Conference in Helsinki?

Hello Everyone,

As most of you already know, 2020 is the International Year of Plant Health. A key IYPH event will be the first International Plant Health Conference, hosted by the government of Finland and convened in Helsinki 5-8 October 2020.

The overall conference theme is “Protecting plant health in a changing world”. The following four sub-topics will be discussed in a series of workshops, scientific and regulatory symposia and side events:

  • plant health and international trade;
  • the potential of plant health to contribute to a hunger-free world;
  • plant health’s contribution to climate action and the preservation of life on land;
  • plant health and development.

Although the programme is still being developed, we’re pleased to announce that IPRRG is organizing a workshop (“Adjusting PRA with respect to climate change and biodiversity issues”) associated with the third of these sub-topics. We also intend to hold a separate add-on event for IPRRG, which will take place on Friday 9 October — more details coming soon!

A committee of IPRRG members has been tasked with planning for these events. In the coming weeks, they’ll be assembling a list of potential presenters and expected presentation topics. To help the planning committee, we’d like to hear from you! Do you plan to attend the International Plant Health Conference? Please fill out the following survey, preferably by 18 March 2020. It should only take a couple of minutes.

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2 comments on “Survey: Attending the International Plant Health Conference in Helsinki?”

  1. Niklas Björklund Reply


    I plan to attend both the Conference and the IPRRG workshop.


    Niklas Björklund

    Niklas Björklund, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor
    Pest Risk Analyst
    Dept of Ecology
    Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
    P.O. Box 7044, S-750 07 Uppsala, SWEDEN Delivery address: Ullsväg 16
    Cell phone: +46 (0)70 5082879

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