Who Are We?

The International Pest Risk Research Group, or IPRRG, was first convened in 2007 as the International Pest Risk Mapping Workgroup. It is a dedicated group of research scientists and pest risk practitioners who aim to develop enhanced pest risk modelling and mapping methods through rigorous and innovative research focused on the key challenges faced by the discipline. We hold regular meetings to present, discuss, and test new developments. We collaborate on group projects. We communicate findings of the group and its members regarding these topics to a broad international audience that includes scientists, policymakers, the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and other end users. We also provide technical training in the methods utilized to generate these outputs, thereby promoting best practice in their application.

As the name suggests, the group is international, and while most members work for Government agencies or institutions, the group does not represent these agencies. The group is an unincorporated association, and is registered as a not-for-profit business in Australia.

The constitution of the IPRRG was formally ratified by group members in September 2015. It was amended in September 2017. A PDF version of the constitution can be downloaded here.

The IPRRG Executive Committee for the 2022-2024 term includes the following five officers:

Chair: Frank Koch (Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA)
Vice-Chair: Rose Souza Richards (Nyon, Switzerland)
Secretary-Treasurer: Melanie Newfield (Wellington, New Zealand)
Communications Officer: Tomasz Kaluski (Parma, Italy)
Student Representative: Jessica Kriticos (Canberra, Australia)