IPRRG 2023 – Presentations

Frank KochWelcome to IPRRG 2023
Darren KriticosIPRRG: When it all began – a history on the foundation of IPRRG
Lucinda Charles, MaryLucy OronjeCABI Introduction for IPRRG 2023
Frank KochAwards for Excellence in IPRRG: Nomination Guidelines
Alan MacLeodIPRRG’s Relationship with IPPC
Eduardo de la PeñaPitches for next meeting – Malaga, Spain
Souza RichardsPitches for next meeting – Zurich, Switzerland
Tim BealeUsing Earth Observation Data to Improve Climate-Modifying Habitat Datasets for Pest Risk Modelling
Frank KochAnalytical Parallels Between Quantitative Risk Modelling and Regional Forest Disturbance Monitoring
Darren KriticosThe IPRRG Climate Change Project
Jessica KriticosThe potential global distribution of Corythucha ciliata under current and future climate scenarios
Nicolas MoranPhytosanitary Sampling Methodologies for At-Border Interventions: A Comparative Review Across Jurisdictions
Tomasz KaluskiPest survey toolkit and statistical tool RiPEST
Sybren VosHorizon scanning Dashboard
Lucinda CharlesDevelopment of the CABI Pest Risk Analysis Tool: Current Status and Future Plans to Support PRA Capacity Building
Melanie NewfieldWhat Makes a Good Risk-Based Decision in Biosecurity?
Anca HaneaA Guide to Optimizing Investment into Pest Risk Controls at the Border – A
Methodological Perspective
Alan MacLeodCollaboration with Social Scientists for a Better Understanding of Social Impacts within PRA
Conor McGeePest Risk Analysis – DAFM
Melanie NewfieldEmerging pests and their potential impacts on global agriculture workshop
Frank KochBusiness Meeting