3rd International Congress on Biological Invasions

3rd International Congress on Biological Invasions

Building capacity to manage biological invasions and facilitate trade

Hangzhou, China 19-23 November, 2017

The Congress will continue to facilitate the exchange of cutting edge research and the tracking of technical progress in sustainably managing invasive alien species. It will target the research challenges of IAS management at national, regional and international levels, facilitating capacity building of IAS management to all over the world and removing barriers to regional and international trade. Moreover, it will address cutting edge hotspot research topics such as big data, genomics and climate change, as well as collaboration opportunities under the “One Belt, One Road’ initiative.


  1. Big data, Risk Analysis and Early Warning of Biological Invasions
  2. Global Change and the Ecological Basis of Biological Invasions
  3. Mechanisms of Biological Invasions in the Omics Age
  4. Controlling and Managing IAS: Novel Techniques and Methods
  5. Biological Invasions and Trade: From Policy to Technology
  6. Biological Invasions and Human Health
  7. Sustainable Management of Biological Invasions in Developing Countries
  8. Biological Invasions in South Pacific Region

Please check the website (http://www.icbi2017.org) for more detailed information about the scientific programme, presentation requirements, abstract submission and registration etc. Please contact the ICBI Secretariat (icbiservice@163.com) to receive more information in the coming weeks.

4 comments on “3rd International Congress on Biological Invasions”

  1. Dr. Md. Kafil Uddin

    I want join 3rd International Congress on Biological Invasions program. What is the procedure? Please inform me details.

    • Frank Koch Frank Koch

      Hello —

      If you want to participate in the 3rd International Congress on Biological Invasions, just visit the meeting website (http://www.icbi2017.org). You should find all of the necessary details there. Abstracts are due 20 September 2017.

      Frank Koch
      IPRRG Communications Officer

    • Darren Kriticos Darren Kriticos

      Thanks Mark. Good catch. The abstract submission deadline for ICBI3 is 20 September 2017.

      Kind regards,
      Darren Kriticos
      IPRRG Secretary/Treasurer

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