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      Melanie NewfieldMelanie Newfield

      It was good to talk with some of you about commodity PRA at the IPRRG meeting a couple of weeks back.

      Following those discussions, I think that it would be useful to do something more formal about commodity PRA with IPRRG.

      I was wondering about surveying IPRRG members to find out where commodity PRA is done, why it is done, how it is done etc. It would also be good to ask for views on both the benefits of commodity PRA, the issues encountered and lessons learned. Based on the survey, an interested group of IPRRG members could then write up the results, along with other relavant information, such as on methods, into a paper for publication.

      I think that a paper like this would be useful to countries who do commodity PRA and those which are considering it. It would also be useful for the upcoming review of ISPM 11, especially considering that IAGPRA is now merged with IPRRG.

      What do you think? Do you see this as useful work to include under the banner of IPRRG? Are you interested in being involved?

      Please note that I don’t yet have permission from my organisation to do this work. If people think it would be useful and are willing to be a part of it, then the next step is to put together a plan for what we intend to do, and then ask for permission/ approval etc.

      I intend to have the plan done by early October.

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      Martin DamusMartin Damus

      I would be interested in this. We have had commodity risk assessments since the beginning (early 1990s) and they have gone from simple to increasingly complex. It would be great to take a look at what worked and what didn’t and make recommendations based on our collective experience.


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      Certainly sounds interesting as the EU starts to do more pathway based risk analysis. I designed the system for Ireland, but so far it has only been used once (and not for the purpose for which I really intended it!)

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