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      Yu TakeuchiYu Takeuchi

      Hi Everybody,

      It has been great to participate the iPRRG 2019 meeting.

      I am a lead researcher developing a spatial analytic framework called SAFARIS at NC State University. Thank you for giving me comments and showing interests on the spatial analytic framework development during the iPRRG meeting.

      Here is the link to the SAFARIS website.

      You are welcome to use publicly available models and tools. The PoPS (Pest or Pathogen Spread) simulation model is not yet available as a web-based tool. When it becomes available (hopefully soon), you will be able to access it through the SAFARIS website. But I found out in Poland that you might not get the results back from models and tools due to firewall issues. We are currently fixing it. If you do not get any results, please let me know or contact Help on the SAFARIS website.

      Tangible Landscape is developed by the researchers at Center for Geospatial Analytics, NC State University. You can obtain detail information from the Tangible Landscape website here. This website explains the concept and how to set it up. If you have any questions, you can directly contact the team or contact me. I am happy to assist.

      We are always seeking for the new ideas and approaches to assess plant pest risks. I am interested in hearing your comments.

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