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      Darren KriticosDarren Kriticos

      Article 2 of our draft constitution has been revised recently to better reflect the group’s mission, as laid out in our 2010 “roadmap” article in BioScience (Venette et al. 2010):

      • ARTICLE 2. The primary objective of the International Pest Risk Research Group (“Group” hereafter) is to develop enhanced pest risk modelling and mapping methods through rigorous and innovative research focused on the key challenges faced by the discipline, exploiting advances made in related fields. This objective is achieved by regular meetings where developments are presented, discussed, and tested together with joint publications as appropriate. A related objective is to communicate findings of the Group and its members regarding these topics to a broad international audience that includes scientists, policymakers, and other end users, seeking their feedback to ensure that their needs are recognized and that modelling and mapping outputs are used as effectively as possible. Another key objective is to provide technical training in the methods utilized to generate these outputs, thereby promoting best practice in their application.

      Any suggested changes to the text above would be much appreciated; please feel free post them here (Frank Koch).

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      Frank KochFrank Koch

      Don’t worry about the group name listed here — instead, visit the name change forum topic and post your thoughts — we simply want Article 2 to express what we do as a group. Do you think it does? Or did we leave something out? Let us know by posting a reply!

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      Looks good to me

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