Check out this article published recently in Landscape Ecology

Hello everyone,

You may be interested in the following article by IPRRG member Audrey Lustig and co-authors (including long-time IPRRG member Sue Worner):

Lustig A; Stouffer DB; Doscher C; Worner SP. 2017. Landscape metrics as a framework to measure the effect of landscape structure on the spread of invasive insect species. Landscape Ecology 32(12): 2311-2325.

Here’s the opening portion of the abstract:

Context: With accelerated land-use change throughout the world, increased understanding of the relative effects of landscape composition and configuration on biological system and bioinvasion in particular, is needed to design effective management strategies. However, this topic is poorly understood in part because empirical studies often fail to account for large gradients of habitat complexity and offer insufficient or even no replication across habitats.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to disentangle the independent and interactive effects of landscape composition and landscape configuration on the establishment and spread of invasive insect species…


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