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    I support the “old” name. The name was selected through a deliberative process during the development of our group’s first major product, an article in BioScience that describes our roadmap to improve pest risk maps . The name has served us well.

    I realize that “mapping” may seem pedantic. Manuel captures the issue nicely. Our group relies on spatial models to characterize pest risk, and the results from those models are often most easily conveyed through the use of maps. However, to capture all of those ideas in an acronym becomes a challenge.

    The notion of being a workgroup has been important to our success. “Workgroup” was meant to convey the idea that this organization facilitates collaboration to solve problems. While I agree that it would be convenient to have an acronym that rolls off the tongue, I don’t think it is vital to the long-term success of the group. What is vital is to continue to continue to build productive collaborative partnerships and continue to demonstrate a record of success. The growth of IPRMW suggests that we are doing something right.

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