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    I think student representation on the committee would do at least two good things, which Darren hit on. Provide the viewpoint of what current students are experiencing and show that the group is serious about engaging with students. So, I think it is important to make the distinction between “student” and “early-career” because the experiences are very different. An ideal goal may be to have representation from all stages, though this may not always happen. I am currently one of two student representatives for US-IALE and we develop student specific activities for the annual meetings and both are voting members on the executive committee. In this system one student rep position is up for election each year, and each student rep serves a two year term. The overlap helps for getting the incoming rep acclimated to the duties centering around events for the meetings. Some things to think about as the group grows, but for now I am definitely in favor of having a student member on the committee(s).

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