Members: please review the new IPRRG constitution prior to a ratification vote next month!

Dear IPRRG members (both regular members and students),

We have a request, but first, here is some background information. For banking and accounting purposes, the IPRRG applied recently to incorporate as an association in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). The IPRRG has long been governed by a constitution, which was formally ratified by members in September 2015 and amended in September 2017. However, applying for incorporation as an association necessitated changes to the constitution with respect to member rights and responsibilities as well as governance rules. These changes did not affect the core mission, activities or organizational structure of the group, but were substantial enough that they could not be captured in a set of amendments to the previously ratified version of the constitution. So, a committee was convened to draft a new constitution. A provisional version of this new constitution was approved by the committee in September 2023.

Per the rules set out in the constitution, before it can be ratified through a vote of the active membership, it has to be made available for review. So, over the next few weeks, please take some time to look at the provisional constitution. You can access the PDF version here or by visiting the “Who Are We?” page on the IPRRG website. Thank you! We intend to open the ratification vote (online) in three weeks: Friday 17 November. Keep an eye out for follow-up posts regarding the voting procedure, which will be available to logged-in members.