New Article in the Journal PLOS One – Black Sigatoka in bananas: Ecoclimatic suitability and disease pressure assessments

Composite of natural rainfall and irrigation scenario for CLIMEX model of Black Sigatoka

IPRRG members Tania Yonow and Darren Kriticos had an article published recently in the Journal PLOS One:

Who doesn’t like a nice banana?

In this paper we were able to demonstrate a robust relationship between Disease Pressure assessments from a group of experts in Black Sigatoka pathology and climate suitability modelled using CLIMEX.  This was a great validation of the model.  We were able to push the risk assessment into a bioeconomic realm too, revealing that most of the production of bananas in both yield and value terms comes from areas with high climate suitability for Black Sigatoka.  A similar pattern was observed for plantain production.  In this paper we used the Global Map of Irrigated Areas to develop a composite risk assessment, taking into account the geographical patterns in irrigation.  This made a significant difference to the model results.