New publication alert!

Hey IPRRG members! You may be interested in the following article recently published in Ecology and Evolution:

Lustig, Audrey; Worner, Susan P.; Pitt, Joel P.W.; Doscher, Crile; Stouffer, Daniel B.; Senay, Senait D. A modeling framework for the establishment and spread of invasive species in heterogeneous environments. Ecol. Evol. 2017; 00:1–11.

The article describes a standardized framework based on MDiG (“Modular Dispersal in GIS”), a spatially explicit, stochastic spread model. As stated in the abstract, “The modeling framework provides functionality for a wide variety of applications ranging from predictions of the spatiotemporal spread of real species and comparison of potential management strategies, to theoretical investigation of the effect of habitat change on population dynamics.” Several of the authors, including lead author Audrey Lustig, are IPRRG members.

You may download the open access article from Wiley (