EU-Forest, a high-resolution tree occurrence dataset for Europe

Achille Mauri (European Commission-Joint Research Centre) and colleagues published an article recently in Scientific Data, a peer-reviewed, open-access journal from the natureresearch group. The article describes EU-Forest, a high-resolution tree occurrence dataset for Europe. From the abstract:

“We present EU-Forest, a dataset that integrates and extends by almost one order of magnitude the publicly available information on European tree species distribution. The core of our dataset (~96% of the occurrence records) came from an unpublished, large database harmonising forest plot surveys from National Forest Inventories on an INSPIRE-compliant 1 km×1 km grid. These new data can potentially benefit several disciplines, including forestry, biodiversity conservation, palaeoecology, plant ecology, the bioeconomy, and pest management.”

Figure 1: Spatial distribution of all the occurrences present in EU-Forest

You can read and/or download the article here.